It is not even June yet and we have had some high temperatures. Jim and I were at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin when we witnessed this cardinal cooling off. Don’t we all wish we could splash around at times?

The heat wasn’t quite as bad on Mother’s Day weekend so it was rather nice walking among the shade of the majestic oaks and all the tropical greens of ferns and palms.

Water can always make you feel refreshed.

Even the heat couldn’t keep pretty girls in pretty dresses from an opportunity for a photo shoot.

And of course my favorite, purple coneflowers  were blooming. I tried planting some seeds this past winter but nothing came up. I see them in huge patches in other gardens but being a newbie at gardening I haven’t figured out  seeds. For this season I planted coneflowers, columbine, aubrieta and red poppy seeds. The only one that came up was the red poppy. I mistook the seedlings for weeds and pulled two of them up before I realized this could be my poppies. Lo and behold in about 6 weeks I had flower buds that opened into the prettiest tissue-paper thin red flower.

 This being my first season to be 100% dedicated to my garden I am happy to say even with the no rain and high temperatures I am pleased with the results. In my next post I will back up a little and show my garden from the beginning. I get so exciting thinking about all the possibilities and plans for my backyard.