We have enjoyed our backyard so much since we begin planting and building to create a place we can spend more time relaxing and enjoying nature. One thing I wanted to include were bird feeders. I love hearing the birds sing in the morning. Much to my surprise I had no idea I would be battling the squirrels over sunflower seeds. Those little buggers are determined and problematic! They will not give up! In my  naivety, my first feeder was one of the cheaper 3.98 plastic ones. The first day I put it out I was thrilled to see a flock of  goldfinch enjoying the sunflower seeds.

The next day I found the feeder on the ground and empty. Thinking the wind blew it over I refilled it and put it back up. Squirrel – 1. The next morning it was on the ground again but this time the plastic was chewed off. Squirrel – 2. I then realized it was the pesky squirrels. I bought another one. This time I bought one of those plastic domes. At first I witnessed a squirrel climbing on it and sliding off. I laughed ” I out smarted you now!” The next morning the feeder was on the ground again, dome and all. The acrylic shell was cracked. Squirrel – 3. We glued it back together and put it back up. Now at this point why did I think that was going to make a difference. Again it was empty by the end of the day. I went to Home Depot and this time I spent 19.99 on a wooden feeder. Surely a squirrel could not eat through 3/4″ wood. We also moved it to another spot that wasn’t so close to a limb the squirrels could jump from.

It only took them a few hours and tries before they figured out how to get to it. They again knocked it over and broke two perches and the tray off. Squirrel-4. We adjusted the hooks so at least it would not fall on the ground, glued it back together and moved it out further from the limb. One day I witnessed one climbing down the wire and tilting the dome till he could reach the feeder and land on it.

So we lowered the dome and shortened the wire. It didn’t help. Squirrel-5. At this time we have some plastic containers around the wire thinking it will spin when the squirrel climbs down the wire. Today I saw a squirrel on the feeder so I don’t know if he jumped or climbed down the plastic bottles. Squirrel- 6. I haven’t decided what I am going to try next. Any suggestions?