My poor plants are suffering. Every morning I walk around my backyard and can see how they are struggling to stay alive. Last spring was my first year to really put some effort in planting. It looked better that year than it does today.

spring 2010

What with the hard winter we had, I lost a lot of my plants so I had to replant. Now with no rain they are not growing very much. It is like they are struggling just to stay alive. I have some Mexican Heather that got bitten back completely but begin to show signs of life in late March. Today they are still not even 2″ high. My lantana is about four years old and in the past has been eaten by the deer and froze and still came back great until this year. They are not even blooming yet.

still spring 2010

This is what it looks like today.

June 2011

June 2011

The lantana are not even close to the size they were last year and like I said no blooms. As tempting as it is I have stopped buying plants.  I try to only water once a week. I really don’t know if that is plenty or not enough. After a day of high 90’s they always look so sad.  I am still hopeful the weather can change.