The party is over! My daughter, Kristen, and I spent the last month planning my son’s engagement party. We are both obsessed with details, very little details. The one thing I am most proud of were the succulent centerpieces. The brides colors for her wedding was light green, coral and dark brown. My first thought was potted herbs, then I even thought of a container of  wheat or rye grass, but when I saw these succulents at the big box store in so many shades of green I knew that was what I wanted. The container was another issue. I searched all over for something coral and rectangle shape. If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself. My hubby cut the lattice strips and glued them together for me and then I painted them with craft paint, sanded and stained. The rocks were gathered from the river bed on our property.

I was very happy with them. We also had the mason jar candles filled with sand and a votive hanging from the trees. When it got dark it was so pretty. I gave the bride one of the succulent boxes, Kristen took one and I kept two of them. Unfortunately, the bottom fell out of my two boxes. I guess hubby forgot to put nails in mine and the wood glue could not hold up to the dampness. Actually I thought wood glue was waterproof. As far as I know the other two boxes are still holding up. So last weekend I replanted my succulents in an old iron kettle.

Actually I think it is just as cute. I had a couple of extra succulents that would not fit so I planted them in a pot that I was nursing back an aloe that had gotten frozen this last winter.