Pam Penick at Digging begin Foliage Follow-up which for me is a good time for it because there is nothing blooming in my garden. Lately I have grown a fondness for cacti and succulents. Not only does it fit well in the Texas hill country landscape they do well in our dry and hot climate. I am fascinated by the variety of shapes and textures that can be found in cacti and succulents. My collection is new but I have big plans to gradually create an arrangement of pots and plants next to my stone wall. My first one is this rock planter given to me as a thank you gift from a friend for babysitting her dog while she was on vacation. I planted Moses in the Cradle ( Tradescantia spathacea) and stonecrop (which hasn’t done very well)

This is an aloe vera I bought for $4 at HEB on the sale table. It has really filled out since I planted it in this pot. It even had a small peach colored bloom on a stalk when I bought it. I did not know aloes would bloom. I guess that is why I bought it because I was intrigued aloes could bloom.

I love the color of this silver pony foot. I bought this one as a small 4″ at my last visit to Natural Gardener in Austin. I planted it in this pot for now because it is waiting to be placed in my new bed as soon as the weather makes a change for the better. I just don’t see the point in trying to develop a new bed at this time. The plants I have now are struggling as it is.

This last one is a agave augustifolia I bought at HEB. I am proud of this buy I made this weekend. The pot was 20% off 18.00, the plant was 3.98 and a bag of cactus soil was 3.69 with a total less than 20.00. Well so much for my foliage follow-up. Thanks, Pam at Digging for letting me share.