I am sitting in my kitchen watching the dark clouds roll in this evening. We don’t get a chance to see very much in weather changes lately. I have been told a person can be feeling depressed when the weather doesn’t make changes no matter if it is snow, rain or heat. Texas has not given us much of a weather change for the last 11 months. Tonight as we watch these clouds, knowing they could dissipate at any moment, we have hope there is a change coming. Our temperatures have been in the three digits since early June. When September rolled around we hoped for fall temps. Even though we haven’t gotten the temp, I am being optimistic and planting some mums and a croton to suggest fall is on the way.

Update: As I finish my post, the winds came and the clouds are gone. I doubt if we got enough rain to be wet under the cars. Oh well, I have hopes another day will bring cooler temp and rain.