I am the happy owner of a new gate made by my loving husband. We had an old Mexican gate we had bought in Laredo many years ago. I loved that gate. But over the years it went from a cool vintage gate to an old rotten gate. At one time it had been painted red. The bottom had began to rot. We wanted to try and build one to be similar to our original gate. The main structure was made from bead board so we used bead board and I painted it teal with a distressed finish of sanding and staining.Here are the boards painted and sanded but not yet stained.Here is the “tool” I used to make worm holes in my boards to distress it further. The original gate had wood posts in the windows but we wanted to put hammered steel bars. Jim also hand forged the latch. The clavos were taken off the old gate and put on our new gate. Now I think I need to get a pot with a cactus in it to put next to the gate. Oh, the bell is from my husband’s grandparents farm in Missouri. They called it “The Maples”. Here is a before picture of the gate:I kept the doors. I know I can find something wonderful to do with that beautiful distressed wood.