We have a house located in the Texas  hill country north of San Antonio. Even though the house is in a neighborhood we are lucky enough to have a limestone cliff drop 30 ft. to the Guadalupe river in our backyard. For 16 years we have battled with white tail deer eating everything we tried to grow. In the winter of  2009 we enclosed our backyard with a 8 ft deer fence. I have enjoyed planting and tending to my flower beds and vegetable garden. There is just something so therapeutic about digging in the dirt. When I am not tending to my backyard, I am painting in oils. I have another blog called kimshields.wordpress.com that features my paintings. Sometimes my gardening and painting may overlap, since I like to paint  Texas hill country landscapes. I spent  4 years teaching high school art and 9 years running my own business. The children are grown and I spend my time painting and gardening. Life is good.


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