For Foliage Follow-Up I present to you some of my favorite; here is Salsa Verde Sedum with a little touch of Silver Ponyfoot  planted in my new pot.I like to place pots in the middle of my garden, this one contains yellow Bulbine. I tried it in the front yard but it got eaten by deer so I moved it to the backyard which is protected by an 8ft fence. Last year the ones I had planted in this pot were bitten by frost so this past spring I cut them all the way back and stuck them in the ground, I figured no loss they were gone anyway. Low and behold they came back in full force so I bought new ones for my pot.Artemisia, one of my most favorite, it has been frozen, eaten by deer and hacked back and it still grows into a beautiful silver mound. It gets a gold star in my book of gardening.Last is another silver beauty, Santolina, I love the little yellow button flowers that come in the spring. Check out Pam at Digging for a wonderful Foliage Follow-Up in Austin. She has a wonderful eye for plant design.