I woke up this morning to find two of my plants in the front yard damaged like nothing I have seen before. I don’t have many plants in the front yard because the deer eat everything. I have three Texas sage, one agave, and two rosemarys. I have had deer nibble on the leaves of the Texas sage and even take a bite out of the agave especially since this Texas drought has been going on. But I have never seen anything like this. The Texas sage had good size limbs broken off  and tangled together. There were no leaves chewed on. The agave was shredded. What kind of creature could have done this? The mulch was not disturbed around the two plants so it does not seem as though there was a struggle between two animals. The plants are approximately 3 ft from each other. The Texas sage has two others next to it that were not touched. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what could of happened?



I am sitting in my kitchen watching the dark clouds roll in this evening. We don’t get a chance to see very much in weather changes lately. I have been told a person can be feeling depressed when the weather doesn’t make changes no matter if it is snow, rain or heat. Texas has not given us much of a weather change for the last 11 months. Tonight as we watch these clouds, knowing they could dissipate at any moment, we have hope there is a change coming. Our temperatures have been in the three digits since early June. When September rolled around we hoped for fall temps. Even though we haven’t gotten the temp, I am being optimistic and planting some mums and a croton to suggest fall is on the way.

Update: As I finish my post, the winds came and the clouds are gone. I doubt if we got enough rain to be wet under the cars. Oh well, I have hopes another day will bring cooler temp and rain.



Our rivers and beautiful live oaks are hurting. I have started watering our trees. We have cedar elm, live oaks, red oak, pin oaks and mountain ash in our yard. I did some research online trying to find the best way to water large trees. I found that a sprinkler or irrigation system that you use to water your grass or plants is not enough. After all my reading I found the most talked about were these three methods: 1) a soaker hose circled around the tree along the dripline (not close to the trunk) 2) divide the dripline area around the tree into four sections and use a dripping hose in each section 3) setting  5 gallon buckets with holes drilled in the bottom  filled with water around the dripline. My biggest question was how much water or how long for the hoses? I just recently stumbled upon this pdf file put out by City of Austin that gives you a formula for figuring out how much water a tree needs. I hope it helps you too. Jim and I walked down to the Guadalupe River today and was saddened to see just how dry the river was.








All the rock you see is usually the river bottom. This is a favorite run for tubers but not now. We got about 1/4″ of rain Tuesday afternoon. It wasn’t much but I will take any I can get. Watching the radar that day, at least some areas got more than we did. Take care of your trees too!